NYC: Stand Up Against Police Terror (Sept 17)


“On Tuesday, September 17 at 6:30PM at Times Square (43rd St btwn Broadway and Seventh Ave) the Black is Back Coalition will hold a militant demonstration in response to the NYPD’s shooting into a crowd of onlookers in their attempt to gun down an African man. In the process, two women were shot. The BIBC is calling on all those who stand for freedom and social justice to join us as we voice our opposition to this act of imperialist aggression against African and other oppressed peoples who are the targets of police repression in NYC. 

-Times Square Has Long Been Hostile to Africans 

-Shooting not part of war on terror, but war against African and Arab people. 

-Shooting Revealed NYPD Loyalty Not to White People, But to White POWER

-Colonial Violence Is and Will Always Target Oppressed Peoples

-Build a Movement Against Imperialism in All its Forms!”

When: Tuesday, September 17th 6:30pm

Where: 43rd Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue in Times Square, NYC.



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