Against the NSM in Leith, ND


“Attention: The small town of Leith, North Dakota in the upper midwest United States is in crisis. The National Socialist Movement (NSM) has material intent to take over their town and county government to establish a neo-Nazi community. At a population of only twenty-four people the nazis will find it easy to take over local government. From the NSM press release: “We do have every intention to legally assume control of the local government as our numbers increase in the area, and more of our Folk move into the town. This trip to Leith is a symbolic gesture of good will and faith, as we plant the seeds of National Socialism firmly into the North Dakota soil.“

Craig Cobb, longtime neo-Nazi who was deported from Estonia and has a warrant in Canada for willful promotion of hatred, has been buying land in Leith and selling the plots to fellow neo-nazis, possibly without deed transfer. Leith’s area covers less than a mile and a half and had practically been a ghost town despite the oil boom happening in western ND. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) reported on his activities in August 2013.

The residents of Leith are fighting this plan to create a nazi town. They have setup a legal defense fund and Cobb has reportedly stated he plans “lawsuits, not to win, but “in order to bleed us dry.””

Bismarck, ND, is the closest US city to Leith at seventy miles where Cobb assures his neonazi compatriots that there is plenty of work to be found, as per the SPLC notice. Also reported by the SPLC is Cobb intends to use the oil boom to establish his town.

We call on all antifascist, anticapitalists, antiracism organizations to combat these plans. NSM will not be allowed to establish roots in Leith, or anywhere. We must stop nazis wherever they are found. This begins with emergency donations as NSM leader Jeff Schoep goes to Leith this Sunday, Sept 22, 2013. We must exercise a mass line and social insertion approach with this poor farming community of Leith. We must form a united front against these fascists.

Share this widely as we go all out on the NSM.”



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