SLC: Tar Sands and Climate Change on the Wasatch Front (Sept 30)


“Noche de discucion y presentacion:
El Refinamiento de las Tar Sands y la Justicia Ambiental en el 
Wasatch Front. 

Day-Riverside Library: 
Monday, September 30
1000 N 1575 W

En Español y en Inglés.

Our campaign to block tar sands development in the U.S. is about climate justice. We’re fighting for the survival of people down the Colorado River, from ourselves to the delta communities. This presentation will deepen your understanding of how defeating tar sands, oil shale, and other forms of extreme extraction are integral to the cause of furthering climate justice.

This holds particular relevance to residents of the Wasatch Front. Tar sands refining has begun in North Salt Lake, and it could scale up dramatically in the coming years if the mining proceeds in Utah. It’s even worse for air quality than regular crude, spewing high levels of dangerous toxins like sulfur dioxide and fine particulate matter into our air. Refinery-side communities of the Wasatch Front are already sacrifice zones, meaning people’s health is sacrificed for corporate profits. 

We’ll create a space for sharing fears, concerns, and ideas. You’ll learn what PeaceUp has been doing to protect our shared resources. You’ll also get connected with people who are working on projects you might want to get involved with!

Want to help us organize a presentation for your PTA, congregation, community group, or neighborhood? Email to set one up!

El refinamiento de las tar sands daña la calidad del aire mucho mas que el refinamiento del petroleo crudo comun. Esta practica peligrosa puede empezar en el Norte de Salt Lake en una escala masiva si la mineria y extaccion de las Tar Sands empieza en Utah, por la primera vez en los U.S. La primera mina puede empezar a operar in 2014 en el oriente de Utah.

Chevron ya ha empezado a refinar tar sands de Canada en el Norte de Salt Lake. El refinamiento de las tar sands contamina el aire con altos niveles de sustancias peligrosas como Sulfuro, Dioxido. Tambien consume grandes cantidades de agua de la que dependemos para nuestra subsistencia.

Pero, juntos podemos proteger el aire que nos da vida a todos. La resistencia esta empezando, y cuando nos organizamos, nuestro poder crece inmensamente.

Contacta para cualquier pregunta, o para organizar una presentacion con tus vecinos o organizacion.”

When: Sept 30th 6:30- 8:30pm

Where: Day Riverside Church. 1575 W. 1000. Salt Lake City, Utah.


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