NYC: The Black Misleadership Class VS the Movement and Its Legacy (Oct 18)


“Our black misleaders pretend to be the successors and fruits of the historical black Freedom Movement.  But the Freedom movement wasn’t funded by Wells Fargo or Comcast or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

The Freedom Movement successfully called our people to stand against war and empire.  Our current crop of black misleaders and TV talking heads are “cruise missile liberals” eager to line up behind the drone bombings of Somalia, Libya, Syria or anyplace else, prepared to ignore or excuse the persecution of whistleblowers, the the coddling of banksters, the unleashing of the NSA or pretty much anything else as long as the president is black and/or a Democrat.  

Black unemployment was double white employment 45 years ago when there were only handfuls of black elected officials.  But today with more than ten thousands black elected officials on every level, relative black unemployment is has not changed, although black incarceration rates have skyrocketed.  In the last few years, with our black misleadership class supposedly at the hieght of their power and influence, black family wealth has plunged from a tenth that of the average white family to a twentieth.

Activists of the Freedom Movement era fought for quality education for all children, while our current black misleaders are champions of for-profit charter schools.    Our black misleaders have no answers to the housing crisis or black mass incarceration because they no longer believe social justice is possible.  From the president on down, our black misleaders, instead of “representing” the voices of our people in the halls of power, govern us on behalf of those powerful interests. 

If President Obama and the rest of our black misleadership class truly stood upon the shoulders of MLK, Ella Baker, Malcolm X and Fannie Lou Hamer, they’d be standing somewhere else.  

Since our beginning in 2006, we at Black Agenda Report have focused our attention the black misleadership class and its role in normalizing punitive and unfair policies that white authorities could not implement without them.  

On October 18, Glen Ford, Margaret Kimberley, Bruce Dixon, Kevin Alexander Gray, Marsha Coleman-Abedayo, Ajamu Baraka and Cornel West and other comrades will delve the vast gulf between the pretensions of the black misleadership class and the promise of the movement past yet to come.  Join us as we celebrate the 7th anniversary of Black Agenda Report, Live in Harlem’s historic Riverside Church.

Reception & program: 6 PM to 7 PM, minimum donation $100

Program only: 7 PM to 9:30 PM, minimum donation $30″

When: October 18th 6-10pm
Where: 400 Riverside Drive, NYC


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