Tucson: Tear Down the Walls National Gathering (Nov 1-3)


“Join together with a multitude of activists from around the country on Nov. 1-3 to Tear Down the Walls of oppression. We all have many walls we are working to tear down: Wall Street, the US border and Israeli apartheid walls, prison walls, the Pentagon militarism walls, the walls of capitalism, the walls of oppression by race, gender, ethnicity, personal identity – the list goes on. Among them are the walls that weaken our efforts, the walls between our separate movements.

Tear Down the Walls National Gathering in Tucson, AZ, Nov. 1-3 will bring multiple movements to strategize and network together on how to build a more unified, powerful movement for transformational change in the US. This will be the largest gathering of those working for social and economic justice in the US in 2013. You will not want to miss being part of this conversation!

The National Gathering is in beautiful Tucson during the best time of the year! The Gathering will be capped by our participation in Tucson’s famous All Souls Procession which regularly draws 20,000 participants and is a unique combo of solemn procession and Mardi Gras.”

When. November 1-3

Where Tucson, Arizona


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