San Diego: Unthanksgiving Potluck: In celebration of the struggles of Indigenous People (Nov 17)

“Join the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement and the Uhuru Solidarity Movement in this fundraiser to support of InPDUM and USM in San Diego.

We recognize that we are living on stolen lands of Mexican and Indigenous peoples and stand in solidarity with their struggle to reclaim their land and resources, and for self-determination. We recognize that the so-called reservations are nothing more than concentration camps for Indigenous people.

Bring a dish to share and a $10 donation (or more) so that InPDUM and USM can continue to build branches in San Diego!

InPDUM was formed by the African People’s Socialist Party in April 1991 as a mass organization to fight back against the U.S. war against us and to win power into our own hands.

Over the years InPDUM has campaigned about the cases of African people brutalized by the police around the world. InPDUM waged struggle in defense of Oury Jalloh, the African man burned to death while chained to a mattress in the police headquarters in a German town. We struggled against the police murders of Ricky Bishop and Mark Duggan in London. We freed Bakari Olatunji in Oakland, CA after he was arrested by police and threatened with prison for his political stand. In St. Petersburg, FL we forced the state of Florida to address the murder of 17 year old Javon Dawson who was shot in the back by police during a high school graduation party. In Philadelphia we have taken on every case of police violence against African people for the past 20 years!

There is a place for every African in this powerful worldwide organization, African women, seniors, youth and students, prisoners, teachers and workers, Gay, lesbian, bisexual transgender, Veterans–don’t fight other oppressed peoples–join the fight against our oppressors!

Join your people in this struggle if you are tired of seeing black people oppressed, poor and suffering.

By ourselves we are powerless, together we are 1 billion strong!

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement is an organization of white people created by and working directly under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party which leads the Uhuru Movement. The Uhuru Movement is organizing and uniting Africans around the world as one people struggling to liberate Africa and African people everywhere.

As the only organization of white people working under the leadership of the African Liberation Movement, USM is a strategic component of the revolutionary movement of African people.

Our mission is to organize inside the belly of the beast, winning other white people to take a stand in solidarity with the self-defined struggle of African people for liberation, self-determination and power over their own lives and resources.

USM is built on the understanding that the “racial gap” in the US, Europe and throughout the world has a material basis. The US is built on a foundation of the enslavement of African people and the genocide of the Indigenous people. Europe and white populations throughout the world have been built and sustained by colonialism and the continued extraction of resources of Africa.

The African People’s Socialist Party is in the US, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, South America and on the continent of Africa fighting for African working people to have control over their own resources and lives. The continent of Africa and all its minerals and resources belongs to African people and must be used for their benefit, not European and American corporations. That just makes sense.

This is a world of constant imperialist crisis and unending imperialist war around the world and inside this country against oppressed peoples. The US capitalist economy is in crisis because all around the world people who have been living for hundreds of years under Western military and economic domination are rising up, saying no to US bred oppression and are taking control of their destinies.

As white people, we are learning that to find a future in this world defined by the decline of US imperialism we must jump off this pedestal that lets us live at the expense of African and other peoples. We must join the world community. African people and the majority of the world’s peoples are speaking to us. Calling for us to join them in solidarity in the fight for justice and a world without oppressors and the oppressed, a world in which all humanity can live in peace, no one at the expense of others.”

When: November 17th, 12-4pm

Where: 6655 Aviation Drive San Diego 92114


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