Pittsburgh: Powell Lied, Thousands Died (Oct 29)

“POWELL LIED, THOUSANDS DIED: General Colin Powell is coming to Pittsburgh to give an evening lecture hosted by the American Middle East Institute at the Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland. As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the early 1990’s and Secretary of State in George W. Bush’s first term, Powell was instrumental in the complete destruction of Iraq over the course of two decades. The Gulf War in 1991 ultimately resulted in a decade of genocidal sanctions that killed hundreds of thousands of children alone, and his presentation based on lies to the United Nations provided the pretext for an unjust and tragic war that killed hundreds of thousands more. Come together to speak out against this war criminal! Sponsored by the ANSWER Coalition and the Thomas Merton Center Anti-War Committee.”

When: Oct 29, 7pm

Where: Intersection of Forbes Ave & S Bellefield Ave (in front of Carnegie Music Hall) – Pittsburgh, PA



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