Denver: Communism Study Group – ‘On Guerrilla Warfare’ (Nov 3)

“COMMUNISM. It is often thrown around rhetorically, barely touched upon in the mainstream, and disabused by much of the nominal left. Its history is one of the most misunderstood, and its theoretical and practical leaders the most mis-characterized and demonized.

In an era when social convention is unraveling at the seams, when conflict is re-emerging as a central force propelling history forward, and the contradictions of capitalism are increasingly laid bare, we must re-discover what the established order tries so hard to obscure and discredit.

Join the Denver branches of the Party for the Socialism and Liberation and the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement in October and November for a study and discussion group on Communist theory and practice. What distinguishes Anarchism from Communism? What did Stalin have to say about bureaucracy and self-criticism? How did Communist Party of China under Mao wrestle power from both the Japanese and Kuomintang? What were the ultimate aims and methods of Communism in Cuba and elsewhere? Find out the answers to these questions and more as we delve into Communism, its ideas, history, and practical relevance for the future.

THIS WEEK’S READING: On Guerilla Warfare. Mao Zedong”

When: November 5th, 5pm

Where: Near downtown Denver, contact psldenver@gmail for details.


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