LA: Picket at the ‘Awards Ceremony,’ No Justice, No Peace (Nov 16th)

“*Gather at the corner of Georgia & Olympic*

On Saturday, Nov. 16, the Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL) is hosting it’s annual “In the Line of Duty” Awards Gala.

Victims, families of innocent people killed by police, and L.A. community members will hold a picket outside the event to highlight the multiple cases for which there has yet to be justice.

Join us to represent the many innocent victims of police killings—we will be holding signs and banners with their names and faces to show the true story of L.A. cops “in the line of duty.” (Event details here:

At the awards ceremony, the LAPPL and LAPD attempt to paint the police as “heroes” in a blatant publicity stunt. To the vast majority of working-class and poor communities in Los Angeles, the police are viewed as racist and violent oppressors that do little more than harass them. We will not sit by as the police award themselves for a year filled with unjust killings, tasings, terror tactics and cover-up operations. The police are hitmen, not heroes.

The LAPPL is a so-called police “union” which always rushes to the defense of officers who commit acts of brutality, misconduct and corruption. 

For example, when African American woman Aleshia Thomas was handcuffed and then kicked in the stomach and groin until she died, the LAPPL released a statement saying “[The officer who killed Aleshia] had previously been publicly commended for helping a burglary victim’s family who lost all their presents at Christmas time.” Statements like this make obvious their role in addressing issues of police brutality.

For friends and family of police brutality victims, and those who witness or experience daily harassment and abuse by police in their communities, an awards ceremony put on by an organization that serves to staunchly defend killer cops hits a nerve. The everyday acts of police brutality by cops in Los Angeles—including the shooting and killing of unarmed people—is notorious across the entire country. Southern California has one of the highest rates of killings by police.

Because there has been no justice for countless victims and families who have lost loved ones, and because police departments and their “protective leagues” only work to counter the growing movement against the epidemic of police brutality, it is important to bring the struggle to events such as this.

Stand with this growing movement against rampant police violence to say:

– Jail all killer cops! Stop police brutality!

– Justice for all victims of police violence!

– Community control over the police!

Sponsoring families of police brutality victims: Family of Manuel Diaz, killed July 21, 2012; Family of Jose de la Trinidad, killed Nov. 10, 2012; Family of Rigo Arceo, killed May 11, 2013; Family of Ignacio Ochoa, killed May 14, 2013; Family of Mike Nida, killed Oct. 22, 2011; Family of Javier Arrazola, killed Oct. 1, 2012; Family of Bobby Henning, killed Feb. 21, 2012;

Endorse this action here:

Action initiated by the ANSWER Coalition.

*Be sure to join us earlier in the day for a community rally for Rigoberto Arceo, murdered by LA Sheriffs. Info here:

Where: JW Marriot, 900 W. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, California

When: Saturday, November 16th, 5pm


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