NYC: March for People’s Power

“During the Workers World Party Conference, we will be marching to connect all of the struggles of young people, workers and the oppressed as part of our national campaign to build people’s power.

Why we are marching:
-For Workers Rights: Demand an end to Veolia’s union busting of the Boston School Bus Union, USW Local 8751 and Team Solidarity- the Voice of United School Bus Union Workers
-Against Austerity: Demanding that Banks Cancel the Debt for the City of Detroit and every other city faced with massive budget shortfalls due to the banks robbing the people
-For $15 an hour Minimum Wage for all workers
-To STOP Stop-and-Frisk and the criminilazation of youth and people of color
-To Build a Society based on human need and people’s power, not corporate profit. FIST fights for socialism!”

Where: 134 W. 29th St, NYC, NY.

When: Saturday, November 16th, 6pm



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