Seattle: SeaSol Winter Solstice Benefit (DEC 14)

Join us Saturday the 14th for a PARTY!

It’s been a strong year for the Seattle Solidarity Network. We’ve won thousands of dollars in stolen wages by fighting alongside fellow workers. We’ve taken on two of the biggest landlords in the city to aid tenants in improving their living conditions and get back what they’re owed. We’ve strategized and shared with comrades from around the world. And in order to keep doing it next year, we need to raise some money and celebrate our victories and ongoing fights.

Please join us on Saturday, December 14 from 7pm to midnight for a festive rejuvenation of our fighting spirits and funds. We’ll ask you for a $5-10 donation at the door and then give you a few opportunities to kick in more as the night rolls on, with a reflection on our year of solidarity at 8pm and a basement dance party kicking off by 10pm. The event will take place at a SeaSol member’s house in the Central District. (Email or ask your favorite Seasol organizer for the addy.)

We’ll have light snacks and some cider and mulled wine available but please help out and bring more food and any drinks you’d like to share!

Please invite friends who want to support and learn more about SeaSol, but keep the address among trusted comrades if possible.


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