Free Kersplebeded E-books (Dec 27-29)

“In a somewhat low-key kinda way, i have been making Kindle versions of various Kersplebedeb titles and uploading them to Amazon. While i say “Kindle”, as folks may know, this kind of ebook can be downloaded and read on all kinds of tablets, and even on desktop and laptop computers.

You can click to view a complete list of Kersplebedeb’s books available in this format here:

Oh, and from Dec. 27th til the 29th, the following titles are available for free. Please download them all, tell your friends and contacts, and if you like what you see please also remember to post a review on the Amazon site!

The titles on special are:

Clenched Fists Empty Pockets
Six working-class activists from Sweden discuss their experiences with class and middle-class hegemony in a variety of left-wing scenes and organizations. In doing so they flesh out the complexities and limits of what in Sweden is referred to as a “class journey.” Dealing with more than economic realities, the authors grapple with the full gamut of cultural and social class hierarchies that are embedded in the society and the left.

Confronting Fascism: Discussion Documents for a Militant Movement, by Don Hamerquist, J. Sakai, Xtn of ARA Chicago, Mark Salotte
Breaking with established Left practice, this book attempts to deal with the questions of fascism and anti-fascism in a serious and non-dogmatic manner. Attention is paid to to the class appeal of fascism, its continuities and breaks with the “regular” far-right and also even with the Left, the ways in which the fascist movement is flexible and the ways in which it isn’t. Left failures, both in opposing fascism head-on, and also in providing a viable alternative to right-wing revolt, are also dealt with at length.

Jailbreak out of History: the rebiography of Harriet Tubman, by Butch Lee
Crucial revisionist herstory, firmly rerooting Harriet Tubman in the context of patriarchy, race, class, and armed struggle. A fascinating, and much needed examination of the woman and her times. Her juxtaposition vis a vis the pro-American patriarch John Brown in particular is a great read. At a time when violence against women of color is at the center of world politics, uncovering the censored story of one Amazon points to answers that have nothing to do with government programs, police, or patriarchal politics.

Kuwasi Balagoon: A Soldier’s Story, by Kuwasi Balagoon with contributions by Sandiata Acoli, David Gilbert, J. Sakai, and Meg Starr
Kuwasi Balagoon was a defendant in the Panther 21 case in the late sixties, and a member of the Black Liberation Army. Captured and convicted of various crimes against the State, he spent much of the 1970s in prison, escaping twice. After each escape, he went underground and resumed BLA activity. He was captured in December 1981, charged with participating in an armoured truck expropriation in West Nyack, New York, on October 21 of that year, an action in which two police officers and a money courier were killed. Convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, he died of pneumocystis carninii pneumonia, an AIDS-related illness, on December 13, 1986.

The Military Strategy Of Women and Children, by Butch Lee
How, in a man’s world, women can make revolutionary change? Here, Butch Lee lays out the need for an autonomous and independent women’s revolutionary movement, a revolutionary women’s culture that involves not only separating oneself from patriarchal imperialism, but also in confronting, opposing, and waging war against it by all means necessary. Of particular interest is Lee’s critique of reformist “feminism”, and her examination of how genocide, colonialism and patriarchy are intertwined, not only historically but also in the present.

Stand Up, Struggle Forward: New Afrikan Writings on Class, Nation and Patriarchy by Sanyika Shakur
Foreword by Yusef “Bunchy” Shakur
This collection of writings by Sanyika Shakur, formerly known as Monster Kody Scott, includes several essays written from within the infamous Pelican Bay Security Housing Unit in the period around the historic 2011 California prisoners’ hunger strike, as well as two interviews conducted just before and after his release in Black August 2012.

The Urban Guerilla Concept, by The Red Army Faction
Introduction by Andre Moncourt and J. Smith
With an introduction by Andre Moncourt and J. Smith. The first major ideological text from West Germany’s most famous urban guerillas. This document nt confrontation between the Red Army Faction and the German state. Apart from setting out the justification for armed struggle this text touches on: the strength of the capitalist system in West Germany; the weaknesses of the revolutionary Left; the significance of the German student movement; the meaning and importance of internationalism; the necessity for taking a revolutionary initiative; the importance of class analysis and political praxis; the failure of parliamentary democracy and how this had the inevitable consequence of political violence; the factionalism of the German Left; and the organization and logistics of setting up an illegal armed struggle.”


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