Jackson: New Economics Conference (May 2-3)

“May 2 – 4, 2014

Jackson, MS

Jackson, Mississippi like most of the metropolitan centers throughout the country needs to broaden its economy to confront the challenge of globalization, address its social ills, and revitalize itself. To address the growing crises of economic collapse, social inequality and environmental degradation, the broadened economy must diversify itself to include various forms of ownership and wealth creation models that fully include the vast majority of the population. The broadened economy must include economic democracy, worker ownership, food sovereignty, new models of home ownership, and sustainable production and distribution.
The New Economies Conference will focus on how the City of Jackson can and will start building the city of the future today through the inclusion of cooperatives and other forms of wealth creation based on the principles of solidarity, participatory democracy, and economic and social equity. With visionary leadership and strong community support, not only can we diversify and grow the economy of Jackson, but we can make Jackson a model center of cooperative and business development in the country.

The New Economies Conference will start this development process by focusing on the following:

1) We will provide education on what Cooperatives are, what they do and how they benefit their members and community by highlighting existing models and best practices from existing Cooperatives in Mississippi, the Southeast region and throughout the country. This will foster an interest in Cooperative Entrepreneurship to meet community needs.

2) We will provide space to engage in public discussion and strategy development on creating the public policy infrastructure necessary in Jackson and the state of Mississippi to support various types of Cooperatives.

3) We will provide space to explore, better support and resource the existing Cooperatives and Credit Unions, strengthen emerging Cooperative development initiatives and foster the development of new Cooperatives in the city.

Sponsored by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Community Aid and Development Incorporated, Mississippi Association of Cooperatives, Fund for Democratic Communities, and City of Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba

Endorsed by the Southern Grassroots Economies Project, Coalition for a Prosperous Mississippi, Highlander Research and Education Center, Cooperation Texas, the US Solidarity Economy Network, and the Praxis Project.

For more information, or to sponsor and endorse please email Kaliw@city.jackson.ms.usor JacksonRising@gmail.com call 601.720.4638.” 



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