I am a cofounder of ACTION (Anishinabek Confederacy To Invoke Our Nationhood) and the Oshkimaadziig Unity Camp. ACTION is a grassroots organization that seeks to build a national organization that is separate from Band Councils and kkkanda. We aim to build our nationhood through Biskaabiyaang-We are returning (decolonization). This work will be done through reestablishing our original clan governance system, food and economic security, and forgotten societies like the Windigokaan and Ogitchidaa.

We seek this vision through our current project, the Oshkimaadziig Unity Camp which is a land reclamation in what is knowns as Awenda Provincial Park (just north of Barrie Ontario). Our occupation of our traditional territories, has been going on for 20 months. There is very few of us there, and quite often I find myself as the only represntation of Anishinabek Nation out there. We have faced community backlash, repression/oppression from agents of the state like the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources), the park superintendant, and of course the Chief and Council of the reserve I am registered too.

We call ourselves the Oshkimaadziig, for it refers too the New People described in the 7th Fire Prophecy, who will pick up our sacred ways, left on the Good Red Road of the Anishinabek. The time of the 7th Fire is described as a catastophic era in which humankind has contributed to the poisoning of land, air and water. Disease is rampant, and there is much war and violence. There are two paths in which to choose from. One is the road that we are currently on, which will end very abruptly and painfully. The other path is a return to our original and natural ways with Creation. The Oshkimaadziig are not only tasked with returning to their natural ways, but must also convince and or change the ways of the rest of humanity, more specifically the “Light Skinned” people. Either we are successful, and an the 8th Fire can be lit, a fire of eternal warmth and peace, where all human nations live as one nation in, or we are not and humanity is extinguished.

I have taken it upon myself, as a member of the Anishinabek nation to finally fulfill my roles and responsibilites to Creator, Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon and Mother Earth and all Creation which is to live Bimaadziiwin (The Good Way of Life). It is my hope that I can continue on the path I have set on, to teach, learn and inspire others to do the same.




We ask for a small, pay-what-you-can donation for this workshop, in order to help cover the cost of running our space. Everyone is welcome!

This event will take place in English. Please contact us if you require whisper translation.

Cet événement sera offert en englais. SVP contactez nous si vous désirez la traduction chuchotté.

The Ste-Emilie Skillshare is a solidarity group of QPIRG Concordia –

When: Thursday, January 9th, 7pm.

Where: Ste. Emilie Skillshare 3942 Rue Sainte Émilie, Montreal, Quebec H4C2A1


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