NYC: Pack the Court! Defend the CUNY 6, Khalil and Taffy (Jan 9)

Where: 100 Centre Street, 4th floor, Part A

When: January 9, 2014
Press conference outside of courthouse: 10:00 AM
Court appearance inside: 9:00 AM

In September 2013, six CUNY students were arrested in an unprovoked, brutal attack while they were protesting the appointment of former Director of the CIA General David Petraeus to CUNY. These six students are part of the Ad Hoc Committee against the Militarization of CUNY which sees the hiring of Petraeus and the reintroduction of ROTC into CUNY as the slow militarization of CUNY.

Following this and a series of other protests by the Committee, the Guillermo Morales / Assata Shakur Community Center at City College was abruptly seized by orders of City College administration. Two students, Taffy and Khalil, were suspended and banned from campus grounds while exercising their right to protest after the seizure of the center. CUNY took their disciplinary case outside their jurisdiction when they brought in the District Attorney, who then ordered Taffy and Khalil’s arrest.

The CUNY 6 and Khalil and Taffy have open criminal cases with ongoing court appearances. All 8 students are set to appear in court on January 9th, 2014 at 9:00 am, at 100 Centre Street. We call upon all students, faculty, and members of the community to come out and pack the courts on January 9th in support of the CUNY 6 and Khalil and Taffy.


One comment

  1. I’m interested to know what happened at their court appearance today and I can’t find any coverage. Can someone put me in touch with someone that was there?

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