Denver: Clases De Teoria Politica/Political Study Classes (Jan 15)

“We decided to have the class for 3 months on a weekly basis on Wednesdays beginning Jan. 8 at the 27 Centre at 7:30 for about l.5 hours. Our first discussion will be about global movements such as socialism, anti-austerity, women’s and gay oppression, nationalism or anarchism. 

The name of the course is Politics of Resistance. We will probably begin studying the Communist Manifesto, with an introductory lecture, beginning the second week.

All present at the first meeting could speak English, but Spanish speakers are welcome and translation available.
Questions or suggestions to me Carlos/Lowell 720 840 0652 or to Nacho 720 935 6148.

Los invitamos a las clases de teoría politica los miercoles a las 7:30 de la noche, por tres meses, empezaremos con una platica sobre los movimientos sociales o/y revolucionarios en el mundo.”

When: January 15th, 7:30pm

Where: 27 Social Centre, 2727 W 27th Ave. Denver, Co.


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