Baltimore: Freedom Now Film Series in 2014 – Calendar


Freedom Now Films Series in 2014
Sponsored by Baltimore WWP and FIST

Calendar of forums, films and classes for January & February
All events will take place at the Solidarity Center, 2011 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218.

Film showing – Monday, January 13, 7 P.M. See “Salt of the Earth”. *Special tribute to Amiri Baraka! Presente!
This is an incredible and moving film that was banned in 1954 when it was released during the witch hunt. It is more relevant today than when it was first produced. It tells the story of the role of women, immigrants and the union that represented the miners. Don’t miss it – if you needed a shot of inspiration during this cold month this film is it.

Special WWP Class on Tuesday, January 21, 7 P.M. to mark the 90th anniversary of the death of Lenin – We will be reading aloud from a pamphlet written by Vince Copeland “Lenin Thinker, Fighter” and discussing.

Film showing – Monday, January 24, 7 P.M. See “Matewan”. The film was written and directed by John Sayles, and stars James Earl Jones and others. The film dramatizes the events of the Battle of Matewan, a coal miners’ strike in Matewan, a small town in the hills of West Virginia.

Film showing – Monday, Feb. 10, 7 P.M. Tribute to Nelson Mandela – Cuba’s role in fighting apartheid; see “When Africa Called, Cuba Answered”.

Special Black History Forum – Monday, Feb 24 – 7 P.M. Guest speaker: Abayomi Azikiwe, Editor of Pan-African news wire and contributing editor of Workers World newspaper, “The re-colonization of Africa.” Azikiwe is an active fighter from Detroit, who has been fighting against the bankruptcy proceedings.


Where : 2011 N. Charles Street


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