Denver: Unmasking Mass Incarceration: A Post-Marade Community Event (Jan 20)

On January 20th, communities across Denver will be uniting to have an open discussion about mass incarceration, its effects, and ways to organize against it. The event is entitled “Unmasking Mass Incarceration: A Community Event,” and will follow the MLK Day Marade, from 3-5pm at The Baerresen Ballroom in the Tivoli on Auraria Campus.

The system of mass incarceration unjustly targets and criminalizes low-income persons and people of color, extracting a toll on our families and community. After the Marade, come explore through shared experiences about the negative impact of mass incarceration on criminal justice , immigrants’ rights, workers’ rights, LGBT justice, police accountability, and other issues. Enjoy an astounding presentation by the Romero Theater Troupe who will be putting on reenactments of Colorado community’s battles for human rights. Then use what you know to learn how to organize and continue the fight for human rights with a community dedicated to a just future.

Please join us as we plant the seed for mass movement in Colorado. All are all working at the intersections of our issues to dismantle the system of mass incarceration that is breaking our communities.

January 20th 3pm-5pm
Following the MLK Marade

Baerresen Ballroom 3rd floor in the Tivoli Student Union building on the Auraria Campus. 900 Auraria Parkway Denver, CO 80204.

Food and childcare will be provided!

Romero Theater Troupe, Colorado Progressive Coalition. Jobs with Justice, Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition,Colorado Mass Incarceration Coalition, NAACP Auraria Chapter, Coloradans Against the Death Penalty, May Day Coalition, Drug Policy Alliance, American Friends Service Committee, 9to5, and many more….


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