Denver: Colorado Marxism Conference (Mar 1)

“Millions of people have come to the understanding that capitalism is no longer working. And millions of people around the world – from World Cup protests in Brazil, the Gezi Park protests in Turkey, to the nationwide protests for a $15 minimum wage – are fighting back.

Marxism provides a revolutionary understanding and strategy for ridding society of exploitation and oppression once and for all. We want more than just resistance, we want to win. Please join the International Socialist Organization at the Colorado Marxism Conference for a day of discussion and debate about the issues facing our movements today–and the long-term fight for a better world.


Marxism and Race: The Life and Work of C.L.R. James
Leninism, Trotskyism, and Other Socialisms
Environmentalism and Marxism
The Neoliberal Attack on Education

Ahmed Shawki, editor of the International Socialist Review and author of Black Liberation & Socialism
Doug Singsen, local activist and educator

Complimentary lunch will be provided for attendees.
Complimentary child care is available upon request. To guarantee child care services, please contact Marie Cunningham at 303-949-2060 by February 19th.

Sessions begin at 10:00AM with an hour lunch at 12PM and sessions will end around 4:30PM. A more detailed program will be posted soon.

With questions or concerns, please contact Marie Cunningham at or 303-949-2060.”

Where: Auraria Campus. Denver, Co


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