LA: Rally for Police Victim Tyler Woods (Feb 15th)

“Please help me, I have a daughter, they’re going to kill me!” were Tyler Woods’ last words as he tried to get away from Long Beach Police who were hunting him down. LBPD found Tyler on the roof of a three story building and fired dozens of rounds from a courtyard below, leaving him to die on the roof. Tyler had a warrant and instead of arresting him to stand trial racist LBPD acted as judge, jury, and executioner and reporting to the media constantly about his warrant as if it justified their killing.

Tyler was only one of the 21 people shot by LBPD in 2013, the highest number of police shootings in nearly five years! Join Tyler’s family, ANSWER Coalition and other community members for a rally and march on LBPD!

Justice for Tyler Woods and all victims of police brutality!

Jail all killer cops!

Community control over LBPD!

When: February 15th

Where: Nebraska Ave and 4th Street, Long Beach


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