NYC: Homecoming for Lynne Steward (Feb 14)

On Valentine’s Day-Come see and share love for recently released People’s Lawyer Lynne Stewart. This is a Fundraiser for Lynne’s immediate medical needs.

Send Lynne Stewart a Valentine and a donation at:

Because of a determined peoples movement Lynne is finally home with her family. But she has urgent medical needs and costs.

Lynne’s Stage 4 breast cancer spread a year ago to her lung, back, bones, & lymph nodes. Now 74, she has lost weight and has trouble breathing; doctors estimate her lifespan at 12 months. Lynne will soon begin new treatments requiring her to pay deductibles & co-payments.

To boost the odds, she’ll use a special diet, vitamins, and other healing methods – some costly and none covered by insurance. Lynne’s spirit is indomitable – help her fight to survive!

“I fought lions, I fought tigers, and I’m not going to let cancer get me,” Stewart said.
Lynne has always come to the aid of those who needed her. Now it’s our turn to stand by Lynne.

When: February 14th, 6pm

Where: St. Peter’s Church 619 Lexington Ave (54th St & Lexington Ave) NY, NY 10022


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