NYC: U.S. Out of Venezuela and Ukraine (Feb 27)

Protest US funded attacks

U.S. Out of Venezuela & Ukraine

Times Square
43rd St & 7th Ave

Thurs. FEB 27 – 5pm to 6pm

What do we hear? No money for unemployment insurance? The minimum wage can’t be raised? Health care, education must be cut. Bull!!

When the imperialist strategists want money, they get it. Billions of dollars have been made available for U.S.-backed crimes of sabotage, destabilization and aggressive intervention, including funds for the most reactionary fascist elements in Venezuela, pro-Nazis in the Ukraine, and for forces linked to al-Qaida in Syria.

U.S. Hands OFF Venezuela!

The death of Latin American hero Hugo Chávez last year was Washington’s signal to increase subversion in Venezuela against the Bolivarian revolution. 

The Venezuelan oligarchy — one percent of the 1% — has created false shortages in essential goods; they’ve manipulated prices, speculated in currency, and shipped money abroad in a frantic effort to destabilize Venezuelan government. 

Fascist-like forces killed Venezuelans in mid-February, and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry immediately demanded the fascist leaders be freed from prison. It’s another attempt to seize Venezuela’s oil for the U.S. ruling class, using tax money that should be used for our social services. Chávez approved Bolivarian reforms that helped Venezuela’s poor climb out of abject poverty. Now the U.S. rich want to punish Venezuelans.

Let’s stop this crime against our sisters and brothers in South America! 

No to U.S.-funded takeover in Ukraine!

Unlike Occupy Wall Street, Ukraine’s “popular” movement is not fighting the 1%. Kiev’s occupiers are fighting for Wall Street, Brussels and Frankfort’s banks to take over their country. And for Ukrainian youth to serve NATO. In return they’ll get the same austerity that is choking Portugal, Spain and Greece.

Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland openly bragged that Washington had poured $5 billion in taking over Ukraine. The U.S. and EU established 40,000 non-governmental organizations – NGOs – in Ukraine before the 2004 “Orange Revolution.” They continue the sabotage.

The pro-Western Ukrainian nationalists are spearheaded by racist parties like Svoboda and the neo-Nazi Right Bloc who are allowed to beat people on the streets. The same Tea Party and right-wing zealots that declare war on immigrants, people of color, on women and LGBTQ people here in the U.S., operate with increasing U.S. support and organization to destabilize countries around the world.

Edward Snowden and Wikileak’s revelations are showing that U.S. destabilization campaigns have been used Haiti, Syria, Libya, Ecuador, Venezuela, throughout Eastern Europe and Balkans.

Say NO to ALL of Wall Street’s Wars!
No U.S. money to sabotage other countries!