Buffalo: RAF speaking tour (April 3)

Come hear J. Smith, co-editor of the Red Army Faction Documentary Histories volumes 1 and 2 (Projectiles for the People and Dancing with Imperialism), talking about Europe’s most famous and controversial urban guerrilla organization from the 1970s and 80s, West Germany’s Red Army Faction.

We will be talking about the RAF from its prehistory in the firebombing of two department stores in Frankfurt in 1968, its inception breaking member Andreas Baader out of prison in 1970, the May 1972 Offensive, subsequent attempts to free prisoners, its reorientation in the 1980s with the rise and fall of the Front concept, and more.

Attention will be paid to the political nature of the guerilla struggle, its evolving context, and what challenges and opportunities this presented to those determined to fight imperialism with pen and paper, and guns and bombs too.

Burning Books – 420 Connecticut Street, Buffalo, New York 14213