NYC: U.S. Out of Venezuela and Ukraine (Feb 27)

Protest US funded attacks

U.S. Out of Venezuela & Ukraine

Times Square
43rd St & 7th Ave

Thurs. FEB 27 – 5pm to 6pm

What do we hear? No money for unemployment insurance? The minimum wage can’t be raised? Health care, education must be cut. Bull!!

When the imperialist strategists want money, they get it. Billions of dollars have been made available for U.S.-backed crimes of sabotage, destabilization and aggressive intervention, including funds for the most reactionary fascist elements in Venezuela, pro-Nazis in the Ukraine, and for forces linked to al-Qaida in Syria.

U.S. Hands OFF Venezuela!

The death of Latin American hero Hugo Chávez last year was Washington’s signal to increase subversion in Venezuela against the Bolivarian revolution. 

The Venezuelan oligarchy — one percent of the 1% — has created false shortages in essential goods; they’ve manipulated prices, speculated in currency, and shipped money abroad in a frantic effort to destabilize Venezuelan government. 

Fascist-like forces killed Venezuelans in mid-February, and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry immediately demanded the fascist leaders be freed from prison. It’s another attempt to seize Venezuela’s oil for the U.S. ruling class, using tax money that should be used for our social services. Chávez approved Bolivarian reforms that helped Venezuela’s poor climb out of abject poverty. Now the U.S. rich want to punish Venezuelans.

Let’s stop this crime against our sisters and brothers in South America! 

No to U.S.-funded takeover in Ukraine!

Unlike Occupy Wall Street, Ukraine’s “popular” movement is not fighting the 1%. Kiev’s occupiers are fighting for Wall Street, Brussels and Frankfort’s banks to take over their country. And for Ukrainian youth to serve NATO. In return they’ll get the same austerity that is choking Portugal, Spain and Greece.

Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland openly bragged that Washington had poured $5 billion in taking over Ukraine. The U.S. and EU established 40,000 non-governmental organizations – NGOs – in Ukraine before the 2004 “Orange Revolution.” They continue the sabotage.

The pro-Western Ukrainian nationalists are spearheaded by racist parties like Svoboda and the neo-Nazi Right Bloc who are allowed to beat people on the streets. The same Tea Party and right-wing zealots that declare war on immigrants, people of color, on women and LGBTQ people here in the U.S., operate with increasing U.S. support and organization to destabilize countries around the world.

Edward Snowden and Wikileak’s revelations are showing that U.S. destabilization campaigns have been used Haiti, Syria, Libya, Ecuador, Venezuela, throughout Eastern Europe and Balkans.

Say NO to ALL of Wall Street’s Wars!
No U.S. money to sabotage other countries!


Denver: The Crisis of Capitalism and the Socialist Alternative

Speaker: Bart Vandersteene, Socialist Alternative organizer in Seattle, Washington. 


After Kshama Sawant’s historic electoral victory in Seattle, Washington, Socialist Alternative is a rapidly growing organization that recently launched a nationwide campaign to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour. Join us for a discussion and learn how you can join Socialist Alternative to help build a chapter in Denver and bring the 15 Now! campaign to Colorado. 


Capitalism has created a world in constant crisis leaving the 99% majority in poverty with declining incomes while the richest 1% enjoy record breaking profits! According to a recent report by Economic Policy Institute (EPI), Colorado’s top 1% income earners accounted for ALL income growth between 2009 and 2011 while Colorado’s 99% incomes declined by 4%. Too many families are forced to live on near minimum wage while the cost of living continues to rise!

It’s no surprise that many are looking for a real alternative, and noticeable interest in socialism is growing fast. A 2011 poll showed that a majority between the ages of 18 and 29 view socialism favorably. In Seattle, Socialist Alternative ran Kshama Sawant as an openly socialist candidate who didn’t accept even one dime in corporate money for city council and won with nearly 100,000 votes! Since this groundbreaking victory Kshama Sawant and Socialist Alternative launched the 15 Now! campaign that is wildly popular nationwide. Come consider joining Socialist Alternative and help build a chapter in Denver that can strengthen movements for social and environmental justice!

When: Monday, February 24th, 5:30-9:30pm
Where: The Gypsy House Cafe, 1279 Marion St. Denver Co

NYC: Pack the court for CUNY 6 trial (Feb 18)

The CUNY6 are going to trial, after having been brutally assaulted by NYPD and CUNY safety officers while protesting war criminal David Petraeus. Come out and support these courageous young revolutionaries, and demand that CUNY drop the charges!

When: February 18th, 9am

Where: 100 Center Street, NYC

Philly: A Way Forward, Huey Newton Seminar 2014 (Feb 15)

A conversation with our Brother Comrade Tommy Joshua, leader of the Revolutionary Assembly.

With Special Guests:

Brother Mujahid Abd Azeez, Chiarman, Jr. LIFERs Committee

Brother Chaplain Mahdi El, Chief-Magistrate
International Interfaith Court

Special Performance by
Iam Victorious
Pili X Music
The Radicans
Skurban Vintro Music

Donations Welcome

Sponsored by Dr. Huey P. Newton Ideological Institute , Revolutionary Assembly of Philadelphia and the Hip-hop The Hip Hop Party for the People

When: February 15th, 3pm

Where: The Peace Spot, 1652 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA

LA: Rally for Police Victim Tyler Woods (Feb 15th)

“Please help me, I have a daughter, they’re going to kill me!” were Tyler Woods’ last words as he tried to get away from Long Beach Police who were hunting him down. LBPD found Tyler on the roof of a three story building and fired dozens of rounds from a courtyard below, leaving him to die on the roof. Tyler had a warrant and instead of arresting him to stand trial racist LBPD acted as judge, jury, and executioner and reporting to the media constantly about his warrant as if it justified their killing.

Tyler was only one of the 21 people shot by LBPD in 2013, the highest number of police shootings in nearly five years! Join Tyler’s family, ANSWER Coalition and other community members for a rally and march on LBPD!

Justice for Tyler Woods and all victims of police brutality!

Jail all killer cops!

Community control over LBPD!

When: February 15th

Where: Nebraska Ave and 4th Street, Long Beach

NYC: Homecoming for Lynne Steward (Feb 14)

On Valentine’s Day-Come see and share love for recently released People’s Lawyer Lynne Stewart. This is a Fundraiser for Lynne’s immediate medical needs.

Send Lynne Stewart a Valentine and a donation at:

Because of a determined peoples movement Lynne is finally home with her family. But she has urgent medical needs and costs.

Lynne’s Stage 4 breast cancer spread a year ago to her lung, back, bones, & lymph nodes. Now 74, she has lost weight and has trouble breathing; doctors estimate her lifespan at 12 months. Lynne will soon begin new treatments requiring her to pay deductibles & co-payments.

To boost the odds, she’ll use a special diet, vitamins, and other healing methods – some costly and none covered by insurance. Lynne’s spirit is indomitable – help her fight to survive!

“I fought lions, I fought tigers, and I’m not going to let cancer get me,” Stewart said.
Lynne has always come to the aid of those who needed her. Now it’s our turn to stand by Lynne.

When: February 14th, 6pm

Where: St. Peter’s Church 619 Lexington Ave (54th St & Lexington Ave) NY, NY 10022

Sacramento: Stop the TPP Protest (Feb 14)

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership n. 1. A “free trade” agreement that would set rules on non-trade matters such as food safety, internet freedom, medicine costs, financial regulation, and the environment. 2. A binding international governance system that would require the United States, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, and any other country that signs on to conform their domestic policies to its rules. 3. A secret trade negotiation that has included over 600 official corporate “trade advisors” while hiding the text from Members of Congress, governors, state legislators, the press, civil society, and the public.”

Where: Sacramento Chamber of Commerce, 1215 K Street

When: February 14th, 1-4pm

CA: Mi’kmaq and Anishnabek Nationhood – Mi’Kmaq Warrior West Coast Speaking Tour (Jan 24- Feb 3)

Mi’kmaq Delegation from the Mi’kmaq Nation and Elsipogtog fracking land dispute on the east coast are touring BC to raise awareness about their struggle against fracking, their ongoing assertion and exercise of nationhood and the repression they face from police, courts, government and corporations.

Neskonlith event:

Giibwanisi Dizhnikaaz, will be speaking at Neskonith to raise awareness of ACTION (Anishnabek Confederacy To Invoke Our Nationhood) and Oshkimaadiziig Unity Camp, which is a land reclamation in their Anishnabek Nation in the so-called Awenda Ontario Provincial Park.

Everyone is Welcome to Attend. See you at this very informative event to learn and to honor some of our land defenders.

Monday, January 27, 2014 4:00pm until 8:00pm

Neskonlith, unceded Secwepemc Nation

Neskonlith Hall, 5 km west of Chase
Dinner will be served at 4 pm
Presentation by Guests
Honoring and Hand drumming


Suzanne Patles speaks from Elsipogtog Anti-Fracking Blockade

Elsipogtog: The Fire Over Water

Mi’kmaq Blockade

Warriors Defence Fund:

Sacred Fire: The People United Against Fracking

Guardian: New Brunswick fracking protests are the frontline of a democratic fight

Other dates and events:

Members of the Mi’kmaq Warriors Society who have been arrested and incarcerated will be on a speaking tour in January and February to raise awareness about their struggle against fracking, their ongoing assertion and exercise of nationhood, and the repression they face from police and courts.

“Our warriors are still being mistreated in the system, justice for our political prisoners of war.” Suzanne Patles, member of the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society

PUBLIC EVENTS (more details still coming):

* Lower Mainland campus speaking events: Friday January 24:
– Capilano University, Library LB 322 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.
– SFU downtown campus (515 West Hastings), Strategy Seminar in Room 1415 from 2:30-4:30 pm
– more to be confirmed

* Community-wide public event on Friday January 24. Doors at 5:45 pm, start time at 6 pm. Room 1900, SFU Harbour Center, 515 West Hastings, Vancouver, unceded Tsleil-Waututh, Musqueam & Sḵwx̱wú7mesh territories. FREE event. Wheel & scooter accessible, with accessible washrooms in the building. Child-friendly event with childminding support on-site.

* Sḵwx̱wú7mesh: Sunday January 26 from 10:30 am-noon. Pancakes Not Pipelines in the Squamish Nation to support Indigenous resistance to tar sands pipelines. Location: Chief Joe Mathias Centre 100 Capilano Road, West Vancouver. For more information:

* Monday January 27 @ 4 pm. Dinner served. Event includes Honouring and Acknowledgement and Hand drumming. Location: Neskonlith Hall, Secwepemculucw, unsurrendered Secwepemc Nation

* Morricetown, Wet’suwet’en Territories. Saturday February 1 from 9 am – 1 pm. Location: Multiplex Mini Feast Hall, 205 Beaver Road.

* Unist’ot’en Camp: February 1 – February 3

* Victoria, WSANEC and Lekwungen Territories: Thursday February 6th at UVic, main public event on Friday February 7 evening (details tbc). For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1411543315750502/

This speaking tour is organized, hosted and/or sponsored by Native Youth Movement, Unist’ot’en Camp, No One Is Illegal, Streams of Justice, VIPIRG, IGOV, Skwomesh Action, Capilano University First Nations Student Services, Capilano Student Union First Nations Caucus, Capilano University Humanities, Capilano University Social Sciences, Earthworks, Rising Tide, Council of Canadians, Union of BC Indian Chiefs, SFU Institute for the Humanities, SFU First Nations Studies, Idle No More, Defenders of the Land, SFPIRG and other allies.

If you can support this tour please get in touch hwalia8 at gmail dot com. Thank you!

NYC, Vermont: Red Black and Green Revolutionary Eco-Music Tour (Feb 18-23)


Tuesday, 2/18: 7-9pm Baruch College Performing Arts Center, Englemen Recital Hall, Level B2
55 Lexington Ave between 24th and 25th street, 
New York
9pm-10pm: Reception in Lobby


Wednesday, 2/19, 7pm: Dibden Center for the Arts, Johnson State College (FREE!)
Johnson, VT 802.635.1476






Thursday, 2/20, 7:30pm: Southwick Recital Hall, University of Vermont (FREE!)
Redstone Campus, 384 South Prospect Street, Burlington, VT




Friday, 2/21, 7pm: First Universalist Church and Society of Barnard (FREE!) 
6211 Route 12, Barnard, Vermont






Saturday, 2/22, 8pm: Haybarn Theatre at Goddard College ($10 in advance*) 
123 Pitkin Rd, Plainfield, VT


 Sunday, 2/23, 6pm: The National Black Theatre
2031 5th Ave, New York, NY 10035
About the Producers and Sponsors:
This tour is organized by Scientific Soul Sessions, a multi­generational group united by the drive to pre­figure a new society, celebrating the unity of culture and politics. More information is available at: http://scientificsoulsessions.com.
Truth And Dare is produced by Ecosocialist Horizons, an organization dedicated to building a united front for social and environmental justice. More information is available at: http://ecosocialisthorizons.com.
Goddard College, a cosponsor of this tour, was founded in 1863 in Barre, VT, and moved to its current Plainfield campus in 1938. Goddard College’s mission is “to advance cultures of rigorous inquiry, collaboration, and lifelong learning, where individuals take imaginative and responsible action in the world.” More information is available at: http://www.goddard.edu
For more information, contact tour-coordinator Ben Barson: 973.896.7697 | benjaminbarson@gmail.com.”

CO, WA, OR: 2014 NorthWest Speaking tour W/ Rod Coronado (Jan 30-Feb 2nd)

“In January/February 2014 The Hunt Saboteurs and Resistance Ecology will be holding a speaking tour with Rod Coronado, More info on the locations in Denver, Eugene, Portland and Seattle, some locations have not yet been listed.

Thursday January 30th Denver Co 7pm- Location TBA (contact NOOCH Vegan grocery for location details)

Friday January 31st Seattle WA 7pm- Black Coffee Co-op

Saturday February 1st Portland OR 7pm-PSU Room number 238.

Sunday February 2nd Eugene OR 7pm- Location TBA

We’re asking for donations at the door to help with the cost of this tour, no one will be turned away for lack of funds. 

We ask that anyone planning to video or record the presentations please make that known and get it cleared first.

This tour is to raise awareness on the Wolf Hunts, Hunt Saboteurs and other topics happening now. 

Some background on Rod- 

In 1986, Rod and another activist, David Howitt, sank two ships, the Hvalur 6 and Hvalur 7, accounting for half of Iceland’s whaling fleet. Before scuttling the ships, Coronado and Howitt caused $2 million worth of damage to the Icelandic whaling station.

In 1995 Rod Coronado was convicted on felony charges for an arson attack on a Michigan State University animal research facility, part of a string of facilities targeted by the ALF in their campaign duly titled “Operation Bite-Back.” He was sentenced with 56 months but the damages to the fur industry were substantial. Aside from the direct impacts of the action he was imprisoned for, he has been credited for research and inspiration which lead to many more actions, freeing thousands of animals—mink, fox, coyotes—who actually have a fighting chance to re-wild themselves and survive upon release. Not to mention millions of dollars lost to economic sabotage, dealing a crippling blow to the whole industry.

In 2001, Coronado visited the site of the Little Bighorn battle in Montana and stole a cavalryman’s journal during his visit, a defiant act in retaliation for the theft of hundreds of indigenous histories throughout the West and as, in his own word, “a reminder of indigenous discontentment with the treatment of our heritage and culture by the u.s. [lowercase his] government.”

In 2004, he was indicted on felony charges for an Earth First! hunt-sab in Sabino Canyon just outside of Tucson where he dismantled a lion trap, spread lion urine to confuse the hunting dogs, and was found guilty of felony conspiracy to disrupt a forest officer. He got 8 months for that. 

He was a crew member of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and a member of the editorial collective of the Earth First! Journal.”

Philly: A Party for the Left? A Conversation with Jodi Dean (Feb 22)

“Philly Socialists is proud to present a free educational event, open to all members of the public, entitled “A Party for the Left? A Conversation with Jodi Dean.”

Jodi Dean is the Donald R. Harter ’39 Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. She is a currently a Fellow at the Society for the Humanities at Cornell University. 

She is the author of seven books, including Democracy and Other Neoliberal Fantasies (Duke University Press, 2009) and The Communist Horizon (Verso 2012). She is working on a new book, Crowd and Party, forthcoming from Verso.

Her talk will consider the left’s problem of political organization. In what ways does our failure to think seriously about organization prevent us from asking ourselves what we want and what we are willing to do to get it?”

When: February 22nd, 4pm

Where: Old Pine Community Center, 401 Lombard St. Philadelphia, PA.

Denver: Radical Study Group – ‘Communism 210’ (Jan 11- Feb 22)

“Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, ‘Communism’ has been declared dead. However, capitalism’s ‘end of history’ has been plagued by increasing economic disparity, ecological problems, and social conflict. Combined with the ongoing failure of other left-wing tendencies to effect change, more and more people are re-exploring revolutionary communism as an alternative to the present system. 

Learn more about communist theory and practice beginning Saturday, January 11th at 7pm and join the Denver Radical Study Group for ‘Communism 210.’. 

This season will be studying recent trends within the International Communism Movement. This is a ‘second-year level’ course, so some familiarity with Marxism and radical theories is helpful but not necessary. All texts are free and available online. For more information, email nikolaibrownraim@gmail.com

Week 1, January 11th

Discussion on the distinction and debate between Maoism and Trotskyism

Reading: JMP. Maoism or Trotskyism (http://www.systemiccapital.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Maoism-or-Trotskyism.pdf)

Week 2, January 18th

Discussion on the hidden hierarchies in informal groups, the historical role of the white working class, and the blind-spots of the white-led ‘left.’2) Tyranny of Structurelessness, 

Readings: Jo Freeman. Tyranny of Structurelessnes (http://www.jofreeman.com/joreen/tyranny.htm)

J.Sakai, Settlers: the Mythology of the White Proletariat (Chap 1 Part 2) (http://www.kersplebedeb.com/mystuff/texts/alliances.html)

Week 3, January 25th

Gramsci’s War of Position

Reading: Amil K. Toward a War of Position: Gramsci in Continuity and Rupture with Marxism-Leninism (Sections 1-4) (http://ri-ir.org/2013/09/10/towards-the-war-of-position-gramsci-in-continuity-and-rupture-with-marxism-leninism/)

4) Week 4, February 1st

Proletarian Feminism

Reading: Avanti. Philosophical Trends in the Feminist Movement. (http://rsmtoronto.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/brave-new-world-philosophical-trends-in-the-feminist-movement-by-avanti.pdf)

Week 5, February 8th

Marx’s Political Economy

Reading: Otto Ruhle. Karl Marx’s Kapital (Parts 1-3), Otto Ruhle, (http://www.marxists.org/archive/ruhle/1939/capital.htm)

Week 6, February 15th

Marx’s Political Economy Continued

Reading: Part 4-8 (Cont from previous meeting)

Week 7 February 22nd

Net Exploitation, the global ‘north-south’ divide, and world-systems analysis.

Readings (in order): Nikolai Brown. Calculating the Value of Labor, What is Net-exploitation, Is Tom Cruise Exploited. (Anti.imperialism.com)

Arghiri Emmanuel. The North-South Division. (http://raimd.wordpress.com/2008/08/05/the-north-south-division/ )

Nikolai Brown. Surplus in Economic Systems. (Anti-imperialism.com)”